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Firm diagnosis

Hi everyone. I've finally seen the specialist here and have had a firm diagnosis of cll stage II. My spleen is enlarged. If my platelets drop, I am told I will be in stage 4 and require treatment. As some of you already know, I have moved from my beloved home in Mexico back to Canada for health reasons. Still adjusting to the culture and environment. I will be having a test which will give me a prognosis on how fast or slow the cll is moving. After having had typhoid, I am experiencing post virus chronic fatigue which has really knocked me off my feet. Does anyone have any practical advise on this situation? Just thought I'd bring you up to date. Take care and thank you for any input you may be able to give me.

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Hi halfdiamond

I really wish there was some practical advice I could give you, instead I just wanted you to know that I am wishing you well and hoping that you pick up very soon.

Best wishes



I appreciate that so very much Bubnjay1. Thanks.


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