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Fatigue in CLL

Fatigue in CLL

Hi all I am a constant reader of all posts though I have been on W&W now for several years with no great change in my stats. My haematologist has srarted 6 MTH visits from 3 MTHs.

I also have ankylosing spondylitis and COPD. The ankylosing spondylitis gets more mental attention from me due to constant pain. The one thing I do put down to CLL is heavy fatigue, I would like to know just how much fatigue Is in diagnosed CLLers.

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Hi Brad,

Read the fatigue related replies to Sandy's recent post here:

In my reply, I've provided a link to a poll on fatigue, which will show you how commonly it is experienced - and that's without the additional health challenges you have..

Good to hear your CLL is remaining stable enough for your haematologist to extend your visits to 6 monthly!


PS beautiful photo :)


On viewing the posts you have put me in touch with I can see I,m not the only one with fatigue . 

Thanks Neil

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