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ALC and shingles


My husband  just got some unexpected results regarding his ALC. 6 months ago his ALC was 16 and today it came at 33. He has been diagnosed about 3 years ago and previously his doubling time has been 1.5 years.  His hemoglobin and platelets are unchanged within normal values. In the middle of February he developed a moderate to severe case of shingles which now is almost gone but he still has it in a very mild form.  Does anybody know if shingles can cause a big increase in ALC ?

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Good question. The Zoster virus reactivation is controlled by CD4+T cells primarily, so when those counts drop, the virus will get the urge to replicate...

How this effects B cells I don't know... my guess is it would increase B lymphocytes...



Hello Ikahan,

I developed shingles last August which was treated very promptly but has resulted in some long term neuropathy.  My blood checks in August, October and January this year have shown no big increase in the ALC count.  

My counts are all rising again following my last chemotherapy in April 2015 but no significant rise following shingles.

Doubt this is terribly helpful but just my experience.

Wishing your husband well.



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