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Explainer: what happens to your skin when you get sunburnt?

Explainer: what happens to your skin when you get sunburnt?

For a great, easy to read explanation on how our skin reacts to sunburn, accompanied by a memorable picture of why DIY is NOT a good idea when it comes to applying sun block to your back, check out this article by H. Peter Soyer, Professor, and Katie Lee, study coordinator and research assistant, The University of Queensland:

Given the involvement of immune cells in the skin recovery/repair process, I expect that this process may differ in CLL patients, particularly if they are neutropenic. Always take care to be sun-safe given our increased risk of infection with severe sunburn, not to mention our increased risk of skin cancers. Note: As the article says, "don’t rely on your tan to fully protect you next time – it’s only as protective as SPF 2 sunscreen."


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Very interesting and clearly explained. I have two patches of skin on my face that immediately flair up when exposed to the sun by going darker and starting to crack. I use Factor 50 sun block cream (non perfumed type designed for babies) on the affected patches and that seems to stop any reaction.


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