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Searching for CLLers in Hong Kong

Dear CLL friends. I’ve been part of this group for quite a while and, thank God, continue to do well although my WBC is inching up a bit.

I know there are members from everywhere but I have no clue whether there is anyone from Hong Kong. Nevertheless, I’d love to connect with them. So, in an effort to be international, here’s my invitation to connect in Cantonese. If you know anyone where this would apply, please forward. Thanks! Andrew Schorr.

親愛的慢性淋巴细胞白血病(Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, CLL) 病友:

慢性淋巴细胞白血病(CLL) 在世界各地上並不少見,當中有些病人可能不會說英語,我們亦希望向他們伸出援手。

現時,香港雖擁有先進的醫療服務,更多對CLL 的臨床試驗亦將開始。然而,香港醫療界卻未有對CLL 作出深入討論。我們希望能夠接觸香港的CLL病人,以了解他們的需要,並將資訊傳達給他們。


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