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UCART (Universal Chimeric Antigene Receptor T-cells) - the way forward?

Recent news about the baby ALL sufferer

and the potential of a cure by gene editing and replicating generic donor T-cells seems to have ramifications for CLL. The company Cellectis suggests that this is true, see The edited T-cells attack lymphocytes that display the CD19 protein and the second edit to their genetic profile stops them attacking the host.

I don't know the full story. Do we have some more information on the treatment of baby Layla? What other drugs was she receiving? What is the relevance to CLL?

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Here are previous post with comments... the great step forward is that this is an off the shelf technology, which will hopefully lower the astronomical costs of this treatment... which is currently custom made for each patient.

There are a number of companies working on CARs, but early work in CLL,

has shown a few problems, although there are a few patients who have done


The fact it appears to work in childhood ALL is truely wonderful...

Emily Whitehead was the first child to be treated, with UPENN’s T-cell technology



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