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Thanks for all if the great help. The combination of wisdom, empathy and kindness had helped me through the last few days. Still reeling but managed to focus on my work successfully yesterday and today and the light headed ness was alleviated when I was busy. One symptom I have is finding people at work who are just wasting my time very irritating! Hopefully this too will pass - maybe I will use my own time more effectively. Who knows where this will lead. Thanks again.


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Glad you are refocusing Steve... ya ... CLL really fine tunes our bullsh*t meter... ;-)



Ha! Agreed. I feel the same way sometimes :-) Peggy.

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You are doing really well.

Don't feel afraid of ups and downs, remember the last couple of days and how you have refocused.

Irritation sounds normal!

All the best



Hi I think this is just one of the many ways Cll changes our lives. You re evaluate your values and relationships with people. I know that I only now like people who do not ask too much of me. Whether that is emotionally or just being asked to do too much in any one day. I have had to learn how to pace myself while I do not think that comes naturally to me. Best wishes


My intention, after being diagnosed, was to re- evaluate my life. To concentrate on enjoying the life I had, not to allow minor irritations to get in the way etc..etc... Although I do try to do this, unfortunately it's not always possible. Life gets in the way. I think with our type of cancer it's very difficult for the people we have chosen to tell in

that there is nothing to see, nothing being done and everything appears totally normal and it sort of goes away. Whereas for us, although it improves, the mental turmoil and fear is still very much there. For the people who do not know (in my case the majority) then obviously everyday (to the new me- ridiculous) problems are still important. Tough isn't it? Keep smiling :-))

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