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My Marathon 2015

I am 70 years old I have been patient with Type 2 diabetes for nearly twenty years and was also diagnosed with C L L in July 2012 . I have made several changes in my life style and always kept my self very active and lots of trekking abroad and in UK and raised funds for Diabetes UK

Since diagnosed with C L L I was determined to carry on with my activities and I have now completed four half marathons and two full marathons in U K. Last year I completed my London Marathon for Diabetes UK and crossed the line in 7 hours.

On 26th April 2015 I will once again dusting off my running shoes and be taking part in the London Marathon. This time I will be looking to raise money for Children in Crisis, to help vulnerable kids all over the world, a cause that I really believe in.I have been training four times a week for the last two months and feel confident to complete this challenge. If you wish do donate please follow the link below



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It's saying your 'just giving' link is invalid surjeet. Can you re-post it as a hyper-link?

Well done you and I wish you every success!



the 'h' is missing from the front, should be https://


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Very well done , i will send you my address ,i have 10 acres of ground needing digging by hand , LOL


You start first


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