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What cools you down more, a hot or a cold drink?

What cools you down more, a hot or a cold drink?

With many of us finding CLL disrupts our body thermostat, this article by Peter Poortvliet, Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Neuroscience at The University of Queensland, Australia may prove interesting and hopefully helpful. Peter looks at what is more effective in cooling us down, an ice cream, a cold drink, an alcoholic beverage, a hot drink or a spicy meal, by examining how they affect the process of maintaining optimal body temperature (thermoregulation), which involves a delicate balance between producing and losing heat:

Not being particularly fond of hot drinks, it always seemed counter intuitive to me when others claimed that a hot cup of tea was cooling, but it seems that they are right. While staying cool right now may not be a problem in the Northern Hemisphere, locally we've recently had a maximum temperature just short of 44C and today and tomorrow will be nearly 40. Spiced (green) tea anyone?



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