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Nucleated RBC

Once again I have a new result on my blood work this month- it says I have a "Nucleated RBC" and neither Dr. has said anything. Anyone know what that means in terms of CLL, if anything?

My blood work was really strange last month so I redid it this month.

I just get so annoyed because I get these "new" abnormal results pop up on the blood work & it takes the Drs. forever to get back to me to explain what it means....I'm guessing if it was serious they'd get back to me right away, yes?

Thank you!

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Normoblasts are often an indication of stressed marrow and CLL stresses the marrow but so is not having a spleen and anaemia is a possible factor - looking at your history and symptoms it surprising this is a new phenomenom or is it just the first time the doc has mentioned it? f.i.


No, it's the first time it's shown up on the blood work. That's why I was so shocked. The drs. haven't replied yet, that's why I was curious. Why all of a sudden would this show up? Any ideas? Thank you!


I take you're still on W&W. CLL takes some strange ways of manifesting itself, everyone seems to have a different presentation and rushing to treat individual symptoms could mask stuff so the docs will be working out what the significance is of your normoblasts and will put that into the mix for the way ahead. However, do ask the questions "what does it mean?" and "does it alter the treatment possibilities?"

Hang in there but dinnae fash yersel (stay calm) being diagnosed is good, everything should follow in due course.


Yes, I am still on W&W. I am just finding it interesting that each time I get blood work, something "new" pops up but no one explains what it means, that's why I appreciate this site :) Thank you!


Nucleated RBC's left your bone marrow too soon, they need more time to mature. Normal RBC's do not have a nucleus. During my chemo these cells where shown on my lab results, it your body responding in a good way.

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