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Hospice Care is part of Oncology Practice

Hospice Care is part of Oncology Practice

An insightful article on the benefits of using hospice care by Dr Rebecca Bechhold:

While written with a US perspective, there is much in this article that is relevant to anyone that knows that the inevitable is imminent...

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These may be useful should one day you wish to find out more. This is Information from a UK perspective and UK services

Macmillan Choosing where you would like to be looked after at the end of life

On this page

•Staying at home

•Who can help if you’re looked after at home

•Where to get the equipment you need


•Nursing or residential homes


•Information for relatives and friends

Macmillan - caring for someone at the end of their life

Information about what to expect and what you can do to help the person you are caring for to be as comfortable as possible.

The Dying matters Coalition “Let’s talk about it”

Marie Curie


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