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Great news from IWCLL, Professor Hillmen perspective coming soon on video

Greetings. Just back from three days in Cologne where about 500 CLL researchers and experts from around the world gathered. They were VERY excited about a sea change in CLL treatment and expanded options to help the vast majority of patients of any age and long-term. Several new medicines are coming - hope the govt will pay for them! - and several others in research. I recorded about 15 video interviews including three with Professor Hillmen, who I love. These will be posted on patientpower.info/cll. Be sure to be signed up for alerts so you will get an email as they go up. There's one with Dr. Neil Kay from the Mayo Clinic in the US right now. Also, I will try to get funding for a town meeting in the UK that would also produce online content with the experts. And maybe you can hear from patients who are in clinical trials for the new drugs. Or this could piggyback on an event you are already planning. I think industry will support more disease information as they all want us to be better informed, our caregivers too. Obviously some treatments could be quite expensive, so financial issues and financial assistance will be critical. But the bottom line is CLLers should be able to get personalised care to help them live a good life long-term. Yay! Best Wishes, Andrew Schorr, your American CLL reporter :)

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Thanks Andrew, great work!


Hi thanks for all your videos. Its patients who cannot be there yet need this info who benefit the most. Best wishes

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Anybody in North Wales?


I hope you find someone in North Wales. Sorry we're not going there this autumn, after all. (Have booked a week in the Lake District instead).


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