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Dr Sharman explains how to find open trials using

Dr Sharman explains how to find open trials using

If you are prepared to consider joining a trial to research hopefully improved treatment options for CLL patients, Dr Sharman has just provided a clear explanation on how to find a suitable one near you by using the website:

While the instructions are written with USA residents in mind, the Clinical Trials site also records international trials - in fact 50% of the trials are NOT available in the USA. The site even lets you select trials available by state in some countries, e.g. Australia and Canada.

When trying to find out if a trial is a good option for you, note Dr Sharman's comments:

"Your doc may or may not be all that useful - sadly. A lot of docs are simply unaware of the incredible advances in CLL/NHL." He then references a list of knowledgeable CLL and NHL US doctors on his blog, but a more comprehensive international list (in pdf format) is available from CLL ACOR:


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