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ASH 2012: Interview with Dr. Wiestner from the NIH


Please check out my blog ( ) for the very short but insightful conclusion of my video interview with Dr. Wiestner from ASH 2012

Happy to let everyone know that I will be joining forces with my friend and long time professional journalist, patient advocate and CLL survivor, Andrew Schorr to bring you the latest news from ASCO 2013 on both Patient Power and on my blog. I am excited to be extending the reach of what information we can share without wearing out our welcome with the CLL specialists by working with Andrew and the team to bring interviews and commentaries on CLL and other cancers.

Stay strong.


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Hi whats important to remember is these videos that you and Andrew produce are our only link with these world experts. The more we have the better. Best wishes


I agree with Jan. Brian and Andrew do a lot of Good for the cause of CLL and us patients. Keep on keeping on Stay well everyone! Dave


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