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Feeling anxious in the mornings


I just completed my needs report and discovered that other people also share this. It has been a theme in my life for many years before being diagnosed, but is sometimes overwhelmingly intense. There are some personal issues that can trigger it, but I seem to experience anxiety at a low level anyway.

During severe periods caused by stresses from life issues, I have seen my blood pressure rise considerably, so decided to isolate myself from the causes of stress as much as possible.

But the anxiety persists. I have often wondered if it's existential—that I'm increasingly aware of my mortality and the limits of a lifespan to fit in all the things I want to do.

After a co-habiting relationship of 4 years, I am extremely happy in my new marriage, yet on some days I still awake with the same anxiety, which fades as the day progresses, and is significantly lessened when my wife wakes up. I often write up these feelings in a diary app, and share them with her, which helps a lot.

So I was just pondering why…

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I share that feeling and put it down to tiredness or fatigue. Often a nap or a sweet will perk me up. But sometimes the blues just descends upon me. As you say, lovely friendly humans are the best cure. Fewer and fewer of those about these days....

Hello I’m scott from Brighton

I really got stressed at times when I was first diagnosed and the after treatment when I felt out in the wild you have to take it step by step I find and I also take CBD witch

Really helps me relax and put things in to perspective and not get worked up into a frenzy I’d recommend it for sure

Anything what helps is great

Our a good walk has always helped

Me . It’s not easy but we have to get on with it cheers