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Anyone Know of or had Quadrant Testing?

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Hubby's has CLL. His sister stage 4 lung cancer which is now in all her bones. WDAnderson just recently did the Quandrant Testing which shows her tumors have mutated. Hubby has genetic mutation P53 and p17 deletion which as I understand is. DNA mutations. Looking for knowledge and help. Would it help to have this test. We live in Florida and Texas is a long way away. I have contact Quandrant online to see if my GP can do the testing. There is a Clinical Trial coming up at Moffitt at Tampa but doc did not say which drugs are begin tested. Will ask the nurse this week.

Thanks! Linda (Spacee)

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Quadrant replied that their test is not for blood cancers such as CLL. FYI

It is for endstage solid tumors such as my sister in law has. FYI


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