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Newborn Jaundice

my baby boy currently 3 month and 12 days old he is suffering of jaundice. i have admitted in hospital when 18 days old at that time bilirubin level 25 then discharge after 4 days at that time level 13.9 after week against level increase to 24 level and again admitted then discharge at lever 13.8 current lever of bilirubin is Total 12 ( indirect level 11 ) with under normal photography machine ( 10 hrs daily ) . he's weight good increasing , feeding well , hemoglobin level in normal range , crigler najjar syndrome report also negative , Liver function test report is also normal , no crying , playing very well . please advice thanks

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Hi pritesh8983, unfortunately we're not medically trained here so we're unable to advise you what the levels mean for your son. The best thing to do would be to contact your consultant and speak to them about it

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