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Hi I'm a mother of 4month old cute baby boy with BA just revealed to me yesterday, sad to say he can't undergo Kasai surgery because of the delayed detection of BA. I am from Philippines I have 2 children my eldest healthy baby girl. I am happy to hear stories from other parts of the world regarding BA your stories gives me support and encouragement that I will also go through if the transplant surgery will be done. However, I'm worried because it cost so much for us since the operation will be in Taiwan and it is 4million worth in Philippine money to pay for the operation. I'm just an ordinary government employee and my husband is just supporting me doing errands at home and taking care of my eldest.please ms.carol I want to hear pieces of advise from u on what to do in my quest for the liver transplant. We are in the most difficult time struggling how to raise such amount. I am doing my best efforts to write letters to foundation who would understand my situation.thanks to CLDF

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Hello Jamesprieto

I'm sorry to hear about your little boy's condition. All of our medical information can be downloaded for free from our website (childliverdisease.org/Infor...) as well as support, nutritional information and leaflets (childliverdisease.org/Infor...). Please bear in mind that the information provided is written for people who live in the UK and therefore some of the information may not be relevant to you in the Philippines.

We do hope however that some of the information on our website offers you some of the answers that you are looking for during this difficult time.

We regret to inform you that we are not aware of any other agencies to which we can refer you. We are also unable to provide any financial assistance to any families, whether in the UK or overseas. We are sorry to give you disappointing news but you have our best wishes and are in our thoughts.

Best wishes,

Hannah @ CLDF

Can you do one of those things on line call fund me, I have seem people making a little of money on kind people donating for their sick child.

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