Always happy to help

Always happy to help

My name is Rachel I'm 24 years old and I've had not one but two liver transplants!

My first transplant was on May 14th 1992 at Birmingham Children's hospital and I had my 2nd liver transplant on 14th of January 2015 (both on the 14th! what a coincidence!) if anybody needs a question answered please let me know as I have been through an awful lot in my 24 years as a liver transplant patient and I would be very happy to be able to help anybody with any qualms wether it's about my transplants or anything else related

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  • Thank you Rachel :)

  • Hi Rachel, appreciate your time and help. My little girl is on the list for transplant. She had BA and had Kassai done in 5weeks, she is not doing great. Thankfully she is not worse either. She is sticking to her growth and meeting milestones. But a transplant has become inevitable in the next 6months to 1 year.

    What was your experience like in the early days post your first transplant and how much did it have an impact on your school and activities?

    Thanks, Omer

  • Thank you for sharing x