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CLDF HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines

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Hi everyone

A gentle reminder of the Community Guidelines which we would ask you consider when you are writing your posts:

Additionally, when posting on CLDF HealthUnlocked, please avoid:

• Sharing any personal information about yourself or somebody you know e.g. surnames, school names, numbers, email addresses, or links to social networking profiles.

• Share specific locations or details of where you will be or place you attend on a regular basis

• Sharing your account or password with anybody else.

• Posting rude, threatening, aggressive or offensive comments

• Excluding other users, swearing or using crude or sexually explicit language or content

• Racially offensive and homophobic remarks

• Discussing topics that could be distressing for other users – please use the help button for ways to get support

• Please think carefully before posting videos and photos as they need to be deemed appropriate and relevant for all users and keep you and or your family safe

• Offering or posting any medical advice to other users – even if you have the same condition

As a charity we are very proactive in our support for families, young people and children and will endeavour to respond to messages and posts if we are able to offer any information.

Thank you for helping us keep our community positive and welcoming. If you have any concerns please contact one of the admins.

Best wishes,


CLDF Digital Communications Officer and HU Admin

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