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Heading for a transplant

my daughter had Kasai on NY eve - we were hoping that this might be end of suffering but last week doctor spelled it out that transplant is inevitable now. The window is between July to December this year. Formal assessment kicks off next week - we are told its a bit of complex case as she is underweight (only 5 kgs) & they will need to use tube/IVF to beef her up soon. A bit scary but has to be done we are told....

I do have a question for others - we have the option to do this in Singapore or we can fly to Kobe in Japan. Fortunately we blessed that we can fund this but anyone with any informed view on Japan vs Singapore ? - we have met several parents and its a mixed bag of feedback.

Any views ?

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Hi Sandie,

Sorry to hear this. Hope everythig will go ok. We are in the same boat. A transplant is better sooner than later, they said.

But it's hard to think about this now as what to expect.

I feel for you, you must be going through a lot in your head right now. Out baby will be having the transplant in Birmingham, UK.

I wish I could give you a better answer to your question.

Wish you the best of luck and more strength.



Sorry to hear Omer... How much your baby weigh?.. Feel free to send private reply


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