Good news!!

Hi, it's my first post on this board but wanted to share our good news with people who know exactly what it feels like.

My baby boy, Fraser, was diagnosed with biliary atresia @ 8 weeks old & had his kasai in Leeds at 9 weeks old. Fast forward a few months, he's now a chatty, smiling 5 and half month old boy who was very brave yesterday getting blood taken (didn't even cry!!). We got the results this morning- his bilirubin level is now completely normal & his inflammation in the liver has decreased by half since the first blood tests.

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  • Thanks amazing news u must be so happy

  • So so so pleased for you all. Fantastic news x

  • Fantastic news indeed !!! Stay positive.

  • Good news x

  • Absolutely brilliant news. So pleased for you xx

  • lovely news! I hope you are now getting the chance to enjoy your baby x

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