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Hi to everyone. In 1995 I had a blockage in an artery in my left leg and Had angioplasty surgery to correct it .I've not had any problems with my legs up until about 4 years ago this time in my right leg.In 2004 I had a heart attack which was not really traumatic but still a heart attack.So when I started to get the same symptoms in my right calf and foot I immediately thought my PAD had returned so went through all tests ,Doppler, ultra sound .Nothing was found circulation was fine.I was told it definitely was not a blockage.I was relieved but still didn't know what these pains were.Cutting a long story short after nerve conduction tests I was told I had mild peripheral neuropathy so this was the cause .I was told by my GP to accept this as this is it .So after 4 years of taking anti depressant tablets which are used as painkillers for nerve pain I was still in absolute agony.On a recent appointment at a podiatrist she observed she couldn't find a very good pulse in legs and feet and said she would advise my GP to refer me to the vascular clinic.My GP was very reluctant to do this and checked the pulses himself and said my pulses were fine and did I still want to be referred I said most certainly I did .The vascular clinic found a blockage in the popliteal artery.I now wander what damage has been done by my GPS stubbornness.Does anybody feel I've been treated shabbily.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Bobk. X

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You have been treated very badly especially with your history I would have hoped GP would be more concerned to investigate. Some years ago GP told me had tendinitis as extreme pain in foot. Chiropodist said not thought had fracture of bone in foot ask for xray. GP said no. When saw rheumatologist sent for xray. Chiropodist was correct. I told GP he was wrong. Because of him had suffered awful pain.


Thanks for your reply Littlemo 1950 I've got no confidence in my GP anymore .He doesn't seem to listen to what you tell him yours appears to be the same.I'll certainly be having words with him and I'll decide whether to change GPS by what his response is Thanks again.