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Game-changing new cholesterol drug?

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An interesting interview with Dr. Aseem Malhotra on the new anti-cholesterol drug Inclisiran:

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Thank you, very interesting. I read a lot on Dr Aseem Malhotra article on cholesterol have seen few video clips.

The world believe on majority not on minority thinking even if the minority thinking is correct!!

I learned this in my working life as an Engineer an also as a IT trainer when it came to basic and fundamentals.

Now, take a unit of measurements for medicine. Example 10 mg tablet. Now days, I have seen written as 10 MG. I tried to discuss this even with professors at University, no one is interested in it.

Many doctors have given incorrect dosage of medication!!

Any way, I have high blood glucose, blood cholesterol and blood pressure. I am trying to control it via life style change,only time will tell if I need medication at 75.

There is another new-to-the-UK cholesterol medication imminent: bempedoic acid. It works by inhibiting a different step in cholesterol production to statins.

Dr Aseem's letter to NICE is sloppy and, amongst other odd rhetorical tricks, doesn't seem to cite studies in ways that allow readers to look them up and verify his claims. That's inexcusable in a letter which also complains about researchers not making their data available for verification.

He seems clever but his writing is opaque and unhelpful.

I don’t think he was the only author of this letter:

And yes it’s a bit vague in places.

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