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Coronary artery spasms


Hi has anyone been diagnosed with a heart murmur and coronary artery spasms?

I had a sudden heart attack two years ago and had stent put in. Since last January I've had unstable angina - the pain was every day, and I was using my gtn spray every day as often as four times a day, and I would get angina in my sleep and at rest, and I'm always tired- and last week I was rushed to hospital where I had an angiogram which confirmed I have quite severe spasms in my coronary arteries. Ive also been diagnosed with a heart murmur. I asked the cardiologist if there was any surgery that such as a bypass which could rectify the condition, I was told no, it's controlled with anti- angina medication.

Does anyone else suffer from this and is there a remedy?

I don't smoke, I've been taken off blood pressure tablets, not diabetic, and have another 10kg's to lose, I don't drink either. So feel a little gutted😢

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I'm sorry you are suffering. Have you tried avoiding high-glycaemic foods, and reducing your fructose intake?

Eat natural fat instead as part of a balanced eating plan.


You need to take measures to improve your endothelial function. The way to do this is to reduce inflammation in your body and to increase 'nitric oxide'

The best way to do this naturally is through daily exercise and eating the right foods.

Spinach, arugula, watermelon, pomegranates, walnuts, brown rice.

But remember, exercise is critical and must be done daily.

I had some what of a similar symptom...after tablets and stenting...the thought was that this was caused by cervical spondilytis. Exactly what is your spasm symptom feel like and where?


So sorry to hear of your problems Talha2010 ,it must behorrible to suffer the pain you do,i truly hope something will be done and soon to help you x

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