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Interesting article - though I agree with the comment that we need to move away from the belief that there is a pill to fix everything!

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Who knows?? So many "studies"!!! I have recently had a big "wake up" call with a high Calcium Score test. My Doctor has put me on only a small dose ( 5mg) of Crestor and a small 100 mg aspirin. Although we have discussed lowering my high cholesterol level, his parting words to me were that the Crestor would help to "smooth" the unstable plaque which I undoubtedly have . I will have a blood test in 3 months to see how the cholesterol levels are going with these medications and better diet - but must remember to ask him why he has put me on such a small dose of Crestor . So far after only 2 weeks , I am having no problems with either medication.

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Do you keep a record of your blood test cholesterol numbers? In UK I can pay £10.00 at a chemist to do cholesterol test, not accurate but guide line. By testing before your hospital blood test you can have an idea of what is happening!

What was the reason given for Crestor 5mg?

Aspirin thin the blood for smooth flow.

Statin help to smooth unstable plaque, need researching.


Who is funding the Chinese research?

I agree with moving away from pill to fix problems.