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Heart UK food plate?

AS the press, TV and media are bringing food such as cheese, butter and other products that wee all need to look at eating for good health. People are writing books and making money. Olive oil producers and other food manufactures spent a lot of money promoting their products to be healthy. May be not true!

NHS food plate changing? not for a long time. As we are closer to Heart UK, may be we can address the Heart food plate and look for change?

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Any update from the team? and also your comment on Greek holiday food.

Is there any need for change?


If you have a look at the new NICE recommendations on eating, you will find that they are recommending the Meditteranean diet as a healthy choice. As we do not all live in the Meditteranean, following the traditional way of eating for your part of the world may well be the best idea.

Olive oil has been studied by many scientists and has been shown to be a healthy choice, but you need to get a good quality oil, preferably extra virgin.

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What is "your part of the world"? Most of our ancestors migrated here from the Mediterranean, didn't they?


My immediate ancestors are Scandinavian, not sure if there's any Med influence in there.

I am assuming that a traditional diet would mean using local and seasonal produce, which would hopefully be a healthy way to eat, rather than the highly processed US style foods found in supermarkets. The Med diet has good food in it, although NICE seems to have taken a very limited view of what it consists of. I have not experienced it as a 'low fat' way of eating, which is ok for me but may not suit others.


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