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Fatty food

If you like, please read this article:

'No link' between eating fatty food and early death: Findings raise further doubts over advice to avoid butter, full-fat milk and other meat and dairy products

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Hi Bala, i wish someone would make up their minds just what is right for us


I'm afraid that this is something we have to do for ourselves using the power of the web to tease out the data from the lies and obfuscation presented by the powers that be whose vested interests is the dollar!

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Yes Mike the mighty dollar has a lot to answer for or rather the greed for it


Daily Mail? Silly Season? Need I say more :O


Any news paper or any TV news programme or a radio programme do offer a grain of information. Take it or leave it.

How about private health screening? NHS health checks?


I think the only thing you can do with this is use your common sense. Enjoy a balanced diet of natural foods that you like.


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