muscle pains

hi . i am new to this site ,also new to statin side effects !not nice are they!!! have been on crestor the one that is the most agressive and was taken off the market twice!! awful muscle soreness in neck,shoulders .saw the doc and told him about the pains i got the usual what statin problems!!! so it seems there is a world wide denial of adverse statin effects !! the dr gave me a drug that lowers ldl by another route and is less agressive than a statin. this is in France by the way! feeling better already after just 5 days felt really awful before, lazing around all day not exercising which is so important after 3 stents fitted .so they must come up with something else!!!!!! we can,t ALL be wrong about the muscle thing can we!!!!!!!!!! john


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  • Different people react differently to different type of statin side effect.

    Station as a secondary medication helps people with stent, you need to look into this and consider taking the station that can help you.

    What is this new medication (another route) that lowers your LDL? Brand name and dosage please.

  • Hi can you tell me the name of the new drug please. My husband is on a statin and is having the same side effects. We are also in France.

  • hi .just come off crestor 5 days ago .so too early to tell if EZETROL is going to cause me pain !but i feel a lot better already exercise no problem just some neck soreness from previous STATIN! give it time.ezetrol is not a statin detest the word!!!!it works by taking cholesteral from the small intestine lowers it that way! thats what the doc in st foy said .good luck john

  • Hi,

    Please Google to find out about this medicine Your full name EZETROL. A lot of information on side effect!!

  • hi bala .going to give this medication a fair crack of the whip !i will let you know.take care .john

  • I have just read your input on Crestor & Ezetrol. I have taken both these drugs for FH for many years (without side effects) & would like to know when Crestor was taken off the market (you say twice). Ezetrol is usually prescribed as an addition to the statin to obtain a further 10-15% lowering of the cholesterol.

  • hi floozie. i mispelt the drug its ezetrol and has something in it that reduces cholesteral from another angle! its used with a statin sometimes so maybe my doctor is humouring me!!just started taking lots of magnesium feel great not going back on a statin .going to lower it with diet it wasn,t high to begin with .drs just making sure that i don,t go back into intensive care for a while he,he. no muscle soreness now.the crestor thing i just quoted some inernet site that said the fda withdrew it twice and then said its now ok but start with a low dose. anyway i don,t care what they say a lot of it is probably rubbish or scarmongering who needs it!!!!someone said that drs should take statins so that they really know when the patient complains about muscle pains etc ;its not lies!!!!!!! take care .FIGHT THE FATIGUE!!!!!

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