The Cholesterol Conundrum - and Root Cause Solution

Came across this lecture today.

It's a long piece, but well worth the watch. It presents the science in a very easy to digest (!) format and the slides are superb.

So if you have as big an interest in diet and health as I have, this is the best video I've seen in the past three plus years.


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  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks, very interesting. 10 minutes into the clip, Norton 360 blocked an attack!

    Would like to see more of it.

    Do you receive this information via an email?

    Thanks. Bala

  • Probably Bala, I have a Google alert 'Saturated Fat' and often get a couple of emails a day from round the world. Often It's a rehash of stuff I'm already aware of, but sometimes a gem like this turns up. His other lecture on sugar is worth the effort as well:

  • Just remembered, came from Jimmy Moore:

  • This makes sense!

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