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Further to the growing body of evidence that the lipid theory of heart disease is the reason we as a worldwide society are getting sicker and sicker - despite 40 years of relentless dietary advice that demonises saturated fat and promotes 'heart healthy' carbohydrate:

Here is the problem explained in a nutshell:


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9 Replies

  • Thanks Mike great article

  • I find the part where they said that high cholesterol in women over 50 was associated with longer life, but I can`t for the life of me understand why women have always been excluded from heart disease studies, because women aren`t exactly immune, unfortunately.

  • There have been some long term studies on women' health ( including heart disease). This is a summary of one and it gives links to others.

    I suspect that women may not figure in heart disease studies because the higher cholesterol/longer life connection does not fit in with the conventional wisdom on cholesterol.

  • Great article mike.No surprise to the people that know the low fat diet is the greatest health conspiracy ever.One day everyone will wake up to the truth that we have all been duped.

  • This article is written by a "nutritionist" who has written a book that needs selling. In this article there are countless claims made about the results of scientific studies over decades but with not one citation or formal reference so that checks can be made. I would advise that it is not wise to take notice of these newspaper articles unless they refer to real science and data that proves what they are saying, especially avoid anything written by "nutritionists". These are enthusiasts with no qualifications or credibility. If they had they would be called dieticians and they wouldn't write articles like this. Instead go to NHS Choices or other Science-based medicine Websites and they will refer you to something a little more reliable., with references hopefully.

  • I agree that one must always check sources. PubMed gives a good summary of the study, along with a discussion on its limitations. They also looked at the role of Omega 3 & 6.

    The researchers concluded that "current evidence does not clearly support cardiovascular guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the low consumption of total saturated fats".

    Trans fatty acids were associated with an increased coronary disease risk.

  • I guess that the author was just pulling that nonsense out of head with no thought that it might not have any scientific credibility.

    Here's to low fat yoghurt, margarine, etc etc and joy of joys - statins!

  • This article was published in the BMJ this March (no book to be sold as far as I can see, lots of scientific references). It talks about the lack of evidence that a low fat diet has health benefits, and goes further, talking about the potential harm of replacing saturated fats with carbohydrates or Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats.

  • That looks like a better document to examine. Thanks for digging Penel.

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