Anyone taking Acitretin Neotigason for Psoriasis?

My husband has just been given Acitretin 25g capsules for his Psoriasis. Anyone know if it works?

He's only been taking them for 4 days and he's complained of a headache every morning.

He does have a glass of wine with his evening meal so thought it maybe that not agreeing with Acitretin so he's going to stop having the wine to see if it's a side effect of the drug, if it is he'll stop them and go back to Dermatologist.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Sonya

    There are several possible diets and supplements you could try, this site explains the thinking behind them. I'm afraid I don't know anything about the drug he is taking. Hope you get it sorted out. I have an autoimmune disease which is controlled by not eating anything with gluten in it.

  • Thank you both

  • Hi Sonya

    My daughter has a moderately severe psoriasis for 3 years now. I didn't opt her to take antisuppressant medications due to its side effects as she is still 20 y.o. I just recently found a natural supplements to help combat with its S/SX and it has shown great beneficial effects of improvements. I am so passionate in sharing the story to others 'coz i know how it feels to be in such situation.. Pls feel free to text message me on my mobile number 07447098568.

  • Hi luvvars

    Could you not write on here what supplements your daughter takes? If you'd rather speak privately then please feel free to inbox me on here as that's private.

    Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reply

  • I've been on neotigason for 12 months now. Yes I also experienced headaches and some fatigue. I used this with UVB light treatment and also Daivobet ointment with truly amazing results and I used to class mysel chronic and severe with about 35% coverage. I would recommend he perseveres with it. Is certainly better than taking immunosuppressive medication! Just keep a check of the cholesterol as it does tend to raise those readings.

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