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Game Changer?

Have a look at this video.

Nothing new to people who have done the research and rejected the mainstream advice re diet and heart health.

What is different is that Dr. Oz - a wildly popular and influential TV health show has shifted position radically. Dr. Oz is a cardiac surgeon in his day job and has always vociferously defended the 'artery clogging saturated fat/heart healthy whole grain paradigm'.

Listen to the audience at '...enjoy butter...'

Dr. Oz today; Oprah tomorrow!

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I still feel guilty when I use butter, it's against all the advice I adhered to religiously for most of my adult life. However I have noticed I'm not needing so much food now that I eat LCHF. AND butter is delicious!!

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Thanks Mike for all your posts. I am going to send a link to your posts to a health unlocked "friend" who suffers a lot of autoimmune illnesses.

I have recovered from a multitude of autoimmune illnesses- vertigo, inflamed rashes, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, costochondritis and chronic back pain, not to mention my bipolar diagnosis- by healing my gut quickly on the occasions I have injured it with gluten or nightshade vegetables by using the low carb/high fat diet and by not being afraid of saturated fat. In 2008 I got "Trick and Treat" by Barry Groves out of the library. I read it 4 times then bought it for my kindle and read it some more.

I have the space doc's book on statin adverse effects. My bipolar medication, Olanzapine gives me cholesterol "off the scale" according to my doctor- 15.4 on my last test and over 13 for the last 4 years- but I don't want statins. My brother is not well on them. My diet is the best mood stabiliser possible for bipolar disorder. I have had no ups and downs at all in the last year. It takes a long time to get off antipsychotic drugs - it could take another 12 months to get off this last 2.5 mg. and this amount is too small to be effective. It's definitely the diet that keeps me physically and mentally well.


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