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Height drops as we get older, BMI also change, Should I be worried?

On Tuesday this week I went for Life-Line screening and found out my height has dropped by 2 inches! because of this my BMI has gone up. Is there a different BMI calculator for old people? I am now obese, for me to be in the range of correct BMI, I have to loos 28lbs. for me this is impossible as I want to enjoy life and live, if I lose 14lbs then I will be the same weight as when I was 18, I am 67 now. Would appreciate any offer of help.

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We all lose height as we age. A healthy BMI for the over 60s seems to be in the 24 to 29 range. I think the waist to hip ratio may be a better guide to general health, as it is more of a measure of visceral fat.

Don't get too hung up about it. Hopefully you know if you are healthy or not, irrespective of BMI. I don't think you need to go back to your 18 year old weight!


I am 69 and was told my BM1 should be 25 for my height of 5'3". I also have lost 2" over the years!! :-(

My BMI at the time was 26 so that went against me and my computer result came back with a "black mark" only because of a higher BMI. So I went to Weightwatchers and lost a bit.


I remember reading somewhere some years ago that it was suggested older people (and I am one) should be at the upper end of their BMI to protect their bones from falls or injuries that being a bit more unstable on the old pins could occur!

The more accurate idea today is that your waist measurement should be half your height! This is supposed to be a more reflective and healthier a measurement as fat that accumulates around the tummy is reflected on your insides as well, with fat surrounding your organs such as your liver and /or kidneys which is much harder to lose.

So, someone who is 5 ft 3 ins (that is me) should have a waist measurement of 31.5 ins. As someone who, as yet, has not lost any height, this does give an easier formula as your figures change, and the maths are easier to do!!!



Verry interesting find. Thanks everyone.


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