12 Months of Allergies

12 Months of Allergies

Hi All. I'm new to this community, so hope I'm posting this in the right place!

I am at a complete loss - just over 12 months ago, my little boy (then aged 11 months) got a sickness bug. The sickness bug seemed to go on forever, but after a week we decided it wasn't a bug anymore as he was fine in the days, but was just sick once at night time. This carried on for 3 weeks. Around this same time, he developed quite bad eczema. Over the next few months, his eczema became considerably worse over him arms and legs, then started to spread over his face. One morning he woke up and could hardly open his eyes - our GP then told us it was an allergic reaction and gave us antihistamine. In turn this made him worse.

Through process of elimination we worked out he was allergic to the following: grapes, raisins, strawberries and raspberries (and anything which included any of these ingredients - ie calpol (which we had given him a lot of), strawberry flavoured anti-histamine (we wondered why it wasn't clearing his face up!)). We also think he was allergic to mustard as we gave him a number of things with this ingredient in, and within a couple of minutes his face would flare up, and a couple of times he vomited in his dinner (much to our annoyance at the dinner table!!!). And on a number of occasions, he would be sick every night - one of these periods lasted for 3 weeks.

After months of waiting (and a number of these months he was clean - we had worked out what he was allergic to, through process of elimination, and obviously, didn't give him these foods any more) we finally got to see an Immunologist who had no interest whatsoever in our little boys history, and had already pre-decided that he was allergic to additives (even though I told her we gave him a strawberry - no additives - and he flared up within seconds), but agreed to send us for blood tests for the fruit, mustard, and milk. Very surprisingly to us - these tests showed up no allergies at all!!??!!

So in my bid to prove her wrong - I gave our little by a strawberry, and sat ready next to him with my camera for photographic evidence - and - nothing - no reaction whatsoever!

So we have now had 2 months of no problems at all... until last week.

The vomiting has started all over again. Not in the daytime, just at night, usually shortly after we have put him to bed. Yesterday his eczema has come back on his elbow. And this evening, his face has turned red again, just by the side of his mouth (this calmed down quickly without the need for his antihistamine).

I feel like I can't be bothered to take him back to my GP who has no interest at all in him as he is usually happy and running round the waiting room while we are there, and I certainly am not wanting to go back to the Immunologist for our next appointment in June for her to lecture on me on the importance of giving my child healthy food (she's preaching to the wrong crowd - I grow all our veg - I don't feed my kids sweets and chocolates - and I NEVER buy ready meals).

Any ideas on where to start???

He was definitely allergic to strawberries (and photo below is a post-strawberry photo - his head to toe rash has cooled down, just leaving the redness on his face). How can he suddenly not be allergic to strawberries?

What on earth is setting of his reaction on his face now? I've given him the same dinner tonight that I have given him about once a week over the last 4 months (because he is such a fussy eater, he gets a lot of repetitive dinners!)

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  • (Most) bloodwork done in a doctor's office is run of the mill- meaning it tests top 8 and (usually) foods that will cause anaphylaxis, hives, immediate life-threatening symptoms. 1) As I ALWAYS tell people- if you don't feel as if your doctor has your child's best interest at heart, continue to look until you find one that does. This is your right as a parent, as patient, as a mom. You know your child better than anyone and they need to listen, not make you feel inferior. 2) Have you considered an Integrative Medical Doctor? This would be a medical doctor that also uses alternative therapies, tests, etc and may be more open-minded. 3) Food intolerances can cause things like what you are seeing as well. Just because a food is not necessarily life-threatening does not mean it's not life-altering. 4) Check this site- foodallergy.com/tests.html#... this is not the typical food allergy test but it may give you answers. 5) Please visit Jennifer at The Ezcema Company as well and tell her I sent you- she can help with skin, info on what to do to help, etc. eczemacompany.com/ 6) Also Ad RescueWear adrescuewear.com/ 7) Have you heard about Concomitant/Synergystic foods? May not apply but in case it may here is a page on it allergyphoods.com/wp-conten...

    FIRST- find the right doctor and get the right test.

    THEN- breath and start over with the foods

    ASK- I am here :)

  • Thank you so much! It's reassuring to have someone respond who doesn't make me feel like I'm making this all up! My boy has had the general allergy blood test which tests for the common 8 causes of reactions, plus he has had a further test which tested for about 10 types of fruits, all of which came back clear.

    I will have a good read through the links you have provided, look for a new doctor, and see how we go from there then.

    Again, thank you so much!!! Bec