Cavernoma Alliance UK

Cavernoma Alliance UK

Good afternoon everyone, I am going to do my upmost to raise awareness of CAUK and cavernomas. If you have any suggestions I would be grateful for your input. We had a successful Autumn CaverHub with approximately 25 members in attendance and lots of positive feedback. Mr Dolin Bhagawati gave a talk on ‘CEREBRAL CAVERNOMA - DO WE REMOVE TOO MANY?’

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  • As co-ordinator I attended this London CaverHub. What will you be doing for those in other areas of the country?

  • What an open ended question! I will be responding to the requests of CAUK's members and will be adding CaverHubs across more regions: Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and Bristol to name a few. Raising awareness of cavernomas to the medical profession, buddying up members, contacting Neurosurgeons and many more areas to expand along the way... I hope this answers your question for now :)

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