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Why do my hand go numb in the evening most always after I go to sleep.

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My hands going numb daily and sometimes my feet. my hands go to sleep while I almost every night while I'm sleeping, but wakes me up.

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Hi Herman7275, I’m sure this is disturbing for you but we can’t offer an explanation as it’s necessary for you to see a medical professional and to have an examination and some tests. We aren’t qualified to give medical opinions.While you arrange that though it wouldn’t do harm to look at some of the more common things that can cause this, from information given on reliable websites. These include WebMD, Healthline and even our U.K. NHS help site, by using the link nhs.uk and searching under hand numbness. It offers up four possible causes. I hope this helps but I do encourage you to seek some personal medical help, so that you can find the cause for sure.

There are a number of possibilities - but posture of the wrist whilst you are sleeping is likely to be a factor if it happens at night - there is a ring of cartilage and bone that the nerves to the hand run through called the carpal tunnel and if your wrist is in certain positions this can get even more restricted than normal causing pins and needles.You may also be low in some vitamins and minerals, eg B12 - this becomes more common as you get older because your levels of stomach acidity drop as you get older - there are blood tests that can be done to check on this though the one for B12 is a bit more difficult to interpret than others.

As Callendarsgirl says - you really need to see a medical professional and get tests done - these are just two possibilities - there are others.

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