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Somewhere Under a Sunbeam

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For off-topic Friday, this is a reworking of a painting I posted last week, this time without a boat and at a different time of year. I missed posting it yesterday because I only finished it late in the day. I hope nobody minds me posting today instead.

Despite a seemingly sombre mood (I was listening to Shostakovich's Symphony No. 11 as I painted some of it), I enjoyed painting this, which is A4 in size -- just big enough for experimenting on, but not so big as to overwhelm.

The sky I painted with liquid pencil tones blue, and the lake with graphite-laced watercolour. The remainder was my usual mix of watercolour, acrylic ink for the tree trunk, and Inktense. I love the way Inktense, used for the ground beneath the trees, turns granular when doused with water while still wet.

The sunbeams were an inspiration because the paint in the sky left a hole for the sun to poke through.

I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I enjoyed painting it. It gives me hope -- hope that a nagging ache that has developed in my left hip this last few weeks will go away as spontaneously as it appeared.

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It’s always good to see your paintings Brent whenever you post and the sunbeams signal hope. You must really enjoy your art.

Have a good weekend and hopefully that hip will feel better very soon. X

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Hi BrentW, no problem at all with this being a late contender for FFAOF. We understand that creativity sometimes takes a little longer than expected, so I hope you didn't rush your work of art. (It doesn't look as if you did!). I love the way in which the shafts of sunlight are peeping through the clouds and the whole thing does have a much more peaceable feel without the addition of the boat. Art and painting in particular can be all absorbing and help our other physical and mental pains recede. Let's hope your hip pain is of a temporary nature and will resolve in time.

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