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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 4-12-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK

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Hi everyone. This is today's BRAINWORKS. You can use the clues to help figure out the daily theme and fill in the missing letters in each word. You can always ask questions anytime and take your time. There's no need to rush. This is for fun! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. G __ __ E __ ( Musical Chairs for example)

2. C __ __ E ( Chocolate flavored and baked)

3. C __ N __ L __ S ( Light them)

4. S __ N __ I __ __ ( A way to do a song)

5. P __ E __ E __ __ S ( Another word for gifts)

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Jenny was going to a BIRTHDAY PARTY, she went out to buy a PRESENT, when she arrived there was plenty of GAMES, the birthday CAKE was chocolate and had CANDLES in the top, everyone joined in with SINGING happy birthday 🍰😊🌷🎶🍾

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done with the sentence! 101% correct! Woohoo! 🎂😀👍🌈






Theme partys

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Activity2004 in reply to cljones

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! 🎂😀👍🌈

Games, cake, candles, singing, presents, birthday party

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo!🎂😀👍🌈

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