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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 4-29-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK

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Hi everyone. Here's today's BRAINWORKS. You can use the clues to help figure out the daily theme and fill in the missing letters for each word. You can always ask questions anytime and take your time. There's no reason to rush. This is for fun and enjoyment! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. M __ __ R __ W __ V __ ( Warm up food)

2. S __ __ V E ( Cook big meals)

3. D __ S __ W A __ H __ E __ ( Clean/dirty items go)

4. R __ F R __ D __ E R __ T __ R ( Keeps food cold)

5. S __ __ K ( Water comes out)

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Microwave, serve, dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, kitchen items

Not serve. What's another kitchen item that you use that starts with S and it cooks/heat-- hot food? Everything else is correct so far. Keep it up! :-)

Jenny decided to update her KITCHEN she went out and brought a new MICROWAVE, STOVE, DISHWASHER, REFRIDGERATOR AND SINK 🍾😊🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍎🥑🍅🥧🍰

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! 🍽️😀👍🌈






Theme kitchen appliances

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Activity2004 in reply to cljones

Extra credit! Fantastic job done! Way to go! 101% correct! Woohoo! 🍽️😀👍🌈

1. MICROWAVE ( Warm up food)

2. S E R V E ( Cook big meals)

3. D I S H W A S H E R( Clean/dirty items go)

4. R E F R I D G E R A T OR ( Keeps food cold)

5. S I N K ( Water comes out)


Stove, in the UK we call it a cooker, unless you are 80 years old or over!

Thank you for letting me know that about the word stove. Didn't know that before you said that. Very helpful information! :-)

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! Woohoo!


How's it going for you today?

Frustrating day at work, our daughter had a car accident, she is ok but her car has been written off. It has been a tough year for her this year, is going through a divorce. My wife and I are doing as much as we can to support her. How are you doing?

Sorry to hear that about your daughter and her accident/upcoming divorce. Both are hard. My parents had accidents behind the wheel of each car. We also had a few members in our family have divorces in different years.

Things are going okay today, but a little stressful.

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