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Has any 1 had a difibulater in there heart


I took a heart attack on the 28 dec 2019 ...my heart was stunned and I had to get 2 stents in took time to get back to work . But now I have been going in for checks to see how the hearts is doing ...I now need to get a difibulater put in ...am only 53 as well but better safe than sorry ...

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Welcome to you Herdlahaw, that’s quite a frightening thing to have happened to you. I’m carer for my husband Pete who had his first heart attack in 2007 and a second some 10 years later. He was stented the first time but not the second.

Pete has not had a defibrillator fitted so I can only wish you well with that.

Take care xxxx

Thank you ...just take each day as it comes 👍


Hi Heedlahaw1690, I'd like to join sassy59 in welcoming you to this community. I was sorry to hear about your cardiac problems, and it's true those can come at any age (as can most things too!). I do have atrial fibrillation, but mine's managed with medication and I'm older than you at 72.

I think it's a really good thing that you've been offered a defibrillator. Here's a helpful thing I read online which might help you to understand what it is, and its difference to a pacemaker. Hope it helps:

'The pacemaker is the steady hand guiding your heart through each day, while the defibrillator is the guardian angel, standing ready to keep you safe if your heartbeat becomes dangerously irregular'. I'm not sure whose explanation that it, but it nicely sums up what your defibrillator's purpose will be.

I actually think you are very lucky to have been offered this and I hope that it will help to keep you and your heart safer.

How about coming back here to let us know how it all goes? We'd love to know more.

Meantime, thanks for your post, take care and good luck with getting your defibrillator!

Thanks for the reply calldendergal

Hi i went I to hoisptail yesterday and they told me 2 to 3months and as you said I am very lucky for this the doctor told me it cost23 thousand so I was shocked to fi d that out ...

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Heedlahaw1690

That's a serious amount Heedlahaw1690 and must make you feel so grateful that you are in a technologically advanced country with a good health system.

I had 2 stents put in 4 years ago and i have been fine ish ever since,the only thing was they could'nt stop the bleeding,so had to stay longer than anticipated.But i do wish you well for when a difibulatar is fitted.

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