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week end


Been decorating & caring for my hubby 💕

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I admire you for decorating, that’s something I’m not good at. Hope your husband and yourself are keeping well.

I’m caring for my husband too. He has COPD, sarcoidosis, heart disease and back problems. He’s been shielding so we’ve been staying at home. Xxxxx

annestock in reply to sassy59

My hubby has unstable angnia fnd catuats etc I use to work as a carer but now I'm his full time carer x

sassy59Ambassador in reply to annestock

Yes I read your profile. I left work as an optical adviser some years ago now to care for my husband. It’s not too bad but has it’s ups and downs.

I wish you both well. Xxx


Hi annestock,

You're putting me to shame as our apartment badly needs redecorating. It's not my favourite thing at all as it's such a small space and so cluttered. How's your hubby doing? Take care and thanks for letting us know how your weekend went!😀

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