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Further to a post I made a while ago , my husband is now referred to the local hospice and has an initial appt in a weeks time . He is even more unpleasant so I am pleased that the hospice will be there.

His first appt is 90 minutes with the hospice doctor , does anyone know what this appt will consist of as I have never had any connections with a hospice before .

Thank you

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I hope someone can help with your question Daisy55. I just wanted to send support and hope the appointment goes well. Thinking of you. Xxxx


They will review his meds, talk him through his illness, answer any questions. If they are like our hospice they are wonderful people. Why don't you go along and ask to talk to someone, they can help you to cope with him, they understand.

Ring them up and ask them. They will be more than happy to help

Hi Daisy, my dad is with his local hospice team as he has a Neurological disorder that is very hard for my mum to manage. It has changed his personality and he can get quite verbally abusive. It is a multidisciplinary team and he has involvement with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, as well as the hospice doctor. My parents get a lot of support and they find that they get very prompt treatment and they understand completely about the emotional difficulties they face as well as physical dysfunctions. We are now looking at dad doing some activities at the day hospice to give him a change of scene and also my mum a break.

The doctor is very compassionate and reviews dad's medication and his mental and physical health every month or sooner if we request it.

I am so pleased that you have been referred as we all felt relieved that we had a dedicated team around us, helping to manage the most distressing symptoms. It's a shame this isn't open to all families struggling in the way you are. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a postcode lottery. I hope you will feel more reassured after your appointment. I wish you well and send lots of love and strength to you.

There was a yell from the bathroom that my shower was ready for me so now I can continue. Hospices support patients and all their families This is not just help for your husband it will be help for your too. Some peopple think they must be careful what they say but if they aare to help you they need to know all about the problems. If there are things that you don't want to say in front of him they will be happy to talk to you alone. They are lovely

Daisy55 in reply to FredaE

Thank you that is reassuring. The first appt is early and I will not be able to go with him for that one , as I have animals to feed etc. and do not function well myself after all I do first thing as I have fibromyalgia . I will see what happens as it’s a 90 minutes Appt thenwill contact them by phone etc afterwards to chat and put my side of things .


Hi Daisy55,

This is a really happy result for you both, I think.

The first visit, whether for a day or in-patent hospice is generally to assess your husband's needs, taking you into consideration too. The services offered will be explained and you'll get to look around.

There are actually also hospice services which are carried out within your home sometimes, if relevant to your situation and if so, that will all be explained to you too.

It's understandable to feel a bit anxious and wonder what it's all about, but it's generally very friendly and helpful.

I hope this will bring a big positive into both of your lives.

Very best wishes.

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