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I'm a 57/58 in 2 weeks old woman had Rhuematoid Arthritis for over 20 years and have multiple operations on my hands and wrist, but have it in my feet and effects a lot of soft tissue too. I also recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and still learning to live with that. My loneiness is caused by my illness and family really don't take on board how much it hurts plus limitations it can cause, still struggling to stay up on things, especially when I have a flare up. My husband sort of does but doesn't, I'm not sure about our marriage now because this isn't going to get better.

I've had a teenage daughter who suffer mental health a few years ago and also had an eating disorder, she came back from University just to bully me, making the family suffer before she left and now hasn't spoken to me in a few years, she hasnt forgiven me for removing her by the police, not something I found easy to do but the other kids were actually going hungry at the time because she ate all the food and then throw up, I got into debt trying to feed them all and had to hide food for the others or give them money to buy take away before coming home, my hubby worked overseas at the time. My home was left in chaos and damage, she bith broke things and left it dirty were she just spill things......it still breaks my heart until now and often cry about it.

Anyway I hope to share experiences and receive the same plus advice. Thank you

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Hello RegalWaltz and welcome to this supportive and caring community. I am sorry that you and the family are going through a difficult time and trying to come to terms with a new diagnosis too. You don't say if you are receiving medication for this new health problem. However there is a very good community site here at Health Unlocked for fibromyalgia sufferers perhaps you would also like to go on that community too.

May I ask if you have received any counselling for the issues that you have raised in your post? It must have been a very difficult and trying time for you when you were alone and trying to deal with the issues surrounding your daughter and the subsequent breakdown of your relationship.

Also perhaps some of our caring members would like to comment on your post as well? Thank you, and best wishes.

nras.org.uk Support and information for sufferers of Arthritis. Helpline 0800 298 7650. Mon - Friday 9.30 till 4.30.

Fibromyalgia Association (UK) - fibromyalgia-association.org/ Support, information, leaflets and exercise videos.


RegalWaltz -- You sound like someone who has what it takes to improve your situation despite all odds.


Hi there RegalWaltz and nice to meet you! I'm generally on the British Lung Foundation site but look in here from time to time. I've read your post and I think you have been very brave and by voicing yourself and your situations,must surely be a good sign. Hopefully, Care Community will put you in touch with others,although I do agree with the MAS nurse suggesting you link up with the Fibromialgia group.

Please keep in touch- there's always someone out here,be it the night time or during the day,who can relate to your issues etc.

Hopefully,for all of us, the year 2018, will be a better one!!


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Hi, I agree with SquirrelsHolt , the fibromyalgia forum is very friendly and you'll find lots of help and support on there, several of the members also have other problems like RA, so they understand what you are going through, give it a try, take care


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