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Simplyhealth & Royal Voluntary Service Christmas Campaign

Simplyhealth & Royal Voluntary Service Christmas Campaign

Christmas is a hectic time with travelling, cooking, shopping and keeping an eye on the kids. For a lot of members of our community, that hectic life is a constant, every day of the year.

Royal Voluntary Service are one of the largest voluntary service charities in Britain helping older people each month to stay active, independent and involved in their communities. They can provide the break that some carers desperately need through their local services.

Simplyhealth are supporting Royal Voluntary Service this Christmas, and as part of our campaign we are hoping to highlight this forum to more carers who may be struggling.

The campaign is running from 1st December 2017 - 6th January 2018 and we are aiming to raise £10,000 for Royal Voluntary Service by signing up more carers to this community.

You can view our campaign here and share with your friends on Facebook/Twitter if you wish:

Have any of our members had experience with Royal Voluntary Services and benefitted from what they offer?

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Yes , my Sons ex partner used to volunteer at Christmas at the local centre cafe at Banbury over the Christmas period , for the homeless , the elderly who had no family and families on the poverty line , this place was a godsend , she said everyone was so thankful they had somewhere to go , they were fed , had a sing a long , people had someone to be with rather than on their own , someone listened and talked to them and the children had a small present and all went home happy and fed 😊

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