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Tenaj asks if earning £97/mth average will affect her carer's allowance. Any answers?

Hi. I have been doing some seasonal (April - September) work.

I have earning on average £97 per month.

Will this affect my carer's allowance?

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No l don’t believe it will tenaj. Xxxx


Hi tenaj55, and welcome to the forum. Please have a look at the pinned posts to the right of the screen under Carer's Allowance. You should find the answer to your query here. Another member has replied and I am sure other members will be along soon to advise and share their experiences. Best wishes.


I think you can earn up to £116 a week before it will affect your C/A, so you should be ok.


Thank you all for taking the time to reply. The £116 'rule' is what I understood to be the case.

So, why am I being directed to attend for an interview re: my recent seasonal earnings? Any tips with regard to interview?

Thanks again!


It could be totally innocent, on the other hand if the person you are caring for has income related benefits this could affect their money.

My husband earned about the same as you, all the wage slips were sent in and we followed the rules carefully. Unfortunately, £50 a week was deducted from my ESA, (I also qualify for DLA, soon PIP, which is not counted in any calculations) It was going to take 6 months to equalise my money and my husband's work earnings, but I complained after a few weeks when I realised what was happening and it was finally reinstated. My husband told DWP he will not be doing any temporary work any more.

If you look carefully at the GOV.UK website it does say that working could affect benefits, I hadn't realised it would affect mine and not my husband's Carer's Allowance though.

You could ring and ask what it is about and I also suggest you speak to Citizens Advice as they are likely to have experienced this with other clients.

Good Luck!


Thank you for that, Bluebell.

I'm beginning to calm down now.

But still feel as if I can't move (i.e. expand my horizons a bit by taking on seasonal work) without being pulled up for it.

(And I honestly have better things to do with my time than attend for an interview when as far as I can see I haven't done anything wrong!)

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i was offered a job 10 hours weekly which they say they would take off my husbands esa claim for me so i did not bother i do voluntary work instead ,as i would not have been happy with benefits stopped and messing about .so its always best to check with benefits first. be careful when you ring benefits i was charged £5 for a call to an 0843 number!!!!


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