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Any Advice on Allowances for care

I am new to all this and my 77 year old husband has a stroke due to a cerebral bleed he also has a suspicious tumour in his skull which is being investigated. I am same age apart from attendance allowance is there any other benefits one can claim. As We have only very basic savings but do own our own house and don't want to loose that It is like walking through a mine field Has anyone any ideas of what else apart from attendance allowance I should be researching.

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Hello 1966Spring. Thank you for following our community. On the right hand side of the posts there are many topics that may help you in Related, Pinned and Topic posts. We hope that you are able to find further information there also many of the community members are full of useful and helpful tips and information. Best wishes to you both.


Hello 1966spring, Age UK can give advice on lots of things including care allowances ect number 08006781174 or the Age UK website. Local councils in some places have advice lines too. You may be entitled to a warmhome discount from your electricity company, council tax rebates, help with property maintainance some things are free if income and savings are low. Care help may even be free, each case has to be assessed in its own right. My motto is ask the authorities you have nothing to loose but may gain some service you were not aware of or some small financial benefit . However due to cut backs many services no longer exist and attendance allowance does not pay for everything you might need sadly. Hope this info helps, and your research is fruitful. Best Wishes to you both.


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