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Càrers alliwance

Himy mum is registered blind ,she has various aliments ,she's a eight three year old lady living at home with my dad who is an eighty five year old man,he has had two strokes but made a remarkable recovery ,although he's nearly bent over double and struggles to manage simple tasks .I'm working full time and can not afford to drop any hours and need to be helping and supporting my parents as they are struggling .I'm wondering if I would qualify for a carers allowance and if so how would I apply ,my parents need me but I've also got to keep a roof over my head ..I'm desperate and feel there's nothing I can do ....

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Hi, i think the best people to ask would be the C A B,or maybe welfare rights, after saying that, there are some clever people on here any maybe the could give the answers that you seek.


Hi there, I think you are only allowed to earn so much to be able to claim carers allowance and your parents have to be claiming attendance allowance or some sort of benefits, if you go into the Government website for carers it will tell you all about it and how to claim what's available to you , good luck


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