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Getting back in the garden

Getting back in the garden

An unstoppable wave of green is sweeping the nation! Spring is bursting out everywhere. Hearing a bee buzzing among flowers or the sound of running water can have a tremendous impact on overall health and especially on healthy ageing in the elderly, researchers in the US have found. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and enjoy the glorious sunshine and vibrant seasonal colours.

This time of year can be particularly hard on older people who used to love gardening but now can’t because their mobility or cognitive impairment confines them to their home. There are local schemes for helping older people to get actively involved in gardening again. Specially adapted tools are available to allow those with disabilities to rediscover the pleasure of digging, hoeing, sewing and enjoying the fruits (and flowers!) of their labours.

Why not post a picture of your elderly or disabled loved one in their garden and share their delight with others on the Forum. And if you’ve got any tips for helping older people back into their garden, please share those too!

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The top priority in retirement is generally to have a nice space to enjoy the garden, so anything family or friends can do to help an older person create this space would be appreciated I'm sure?

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