Eventful afternoon

Eventful afternoon

So, I decided to go with my wife Sara and our girls up to the park, and we took Trixie, our dog. The girls had a cracking time on the swings and slides, and then we took the dog for a slow walk through the woods. Great bit of exercise for us all, and it's a lovely sunny day. All went well until on the way back to our car, Trixie decided to run off (1st time she's done that!) and while Sara and the girls chased after her she tried to attack/herd a moving car! Fortunately, she hit a car rather than the car hitting her! We've had a really good look at her, felt all her muscles and she seems fine, so we are going to wait and see before rushing off to a vet....

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  • Typical collie. Hope she's OK.

  • Thank you. I think she's fine. She's been running round like a loony since we got home 😂

  • What an alert, shiny dog!

  • Thank you. I think it's us who have to be more alert from now on! 😂

  • more alert than a collie? That will take some doing. Glad she's ok, and good luck :)

  • What a beautiful dog, hope she's ok 😃

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